Executive Team

John M Pleša

President & CEO

John graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary in 1989. He began to work for GN Corporations in the same year as the Marketing & Sales Manager. In 1994 he became the company’s Vice President. In 1997, John, was key in the implementation of the company’s ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In 2004, he became the company’s President & CEO. Since then, he has spent more than two decades on integrating customer needs with its own manufacturing capabilities. He introduced automated machining tools in 1995 and Multi-task machining capabilities in 2000 to the company. In 2007, he designed and had constructed a 115,000 sqft manufacturing facility in Airdrie, Alberta. In 2015, he brought to the company a fully automated machining cell, the first of its kind in the energy industry. In 2016, another fully automated group of machines will be added to the company.

Nikola Plesa

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Nikola (Nick) attended trade school and became a Journeyman Machinist in Croatia. He immigrated to Canada in 1957. Mr. Nick and his brother started “Gorge and Nick’s Machine Works” in 1965 as a two man machine shop. Nick’s expertise in design and machining excellence aided many companies in developing their own Tools for the oil and gas industry. Being an industry visionary, he made certain that the company was amongst the first to acquire CNC machine tools in the late 1970’s that completely changed the company’s future. In 1987, the company name changed to GN Corporations Inc. when the company’s brand name products began selling internationally. In 1994, Mr. Nick took over full ownership of the company and remained the President until 2004. He has been Chairman of the Board since 2004.

Management Team

Dave Moore, CGA


Dave has his Honor’s Business Administration degree from of Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario and has been a CGA since 1987. In 2014 Dave joined GN Corporations Inc. and brought with him over 30 years of experience in several industries using a variety of ERP systems employing both job costing and standard costing methodology. He has worked primarily with family/owner run businesses involved in the automotive parts manufacturing, metal fabrication, food processing and the restoration industries.

Juan Roubaud, P.Eng

Plant Manager

Juan graduated from La Salle University in 1979 as an Industrial Engineer, Since then he has acquired extensive leadership experience and P&L responsibilities in manufacturing operations and services; ranging from company start-ups, expansions, to turnaround-re-engineering, and downsizing. With experience spanning a broad spectrum of services to industries such as: Automotive (Tier 1, OEM supplier), power generation, oil & gas up-downstream, pipelines, water resources, hydro-power generation, petrochemical, HVAC, instrumentation & control, and railcars. He joined GNC in 2002, Since then, he held various positions and supported company’s strategic initiatives.

Chamith Rathnayake, P.Eng, CSSBB

Lean Manufacturing Manager

Chamith graduated as Industrial Engineer in 2002, and started career as a Continuous Improvement Professional and held various leadership and supervisory positions in Continuous Improvement, Manufacturing, Operations, Labor Relations, Project Management and Quality Assurance. During his career, He was trained in Toyota, Japan and in various other places on “Japanese Management Techniques”, “Six Sigma methodology” and “Project Management”. Chamith Joined GNC in 2008, Since then, he held various positions and supported company’s strategic initiatives.

Adam Jarantowski

Head of Manufacturing

Adam obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Tool Design and Machinery Building Technology from Technical University of Poznan – Poland in 1974 and he carried 15 years of experience when he joined GN in 1990, Since then he had various Management and Leadership positions, and involved in company’s strategic initiatives. Adam has over 40 years of experience in plant design, production technology development, product design, CNC programming.

John Vuong, MET,AET.

Planning Manager

John started with GNC in 1994 as a Production Planner and Scheduler. Through his career at GN, he held numerous positions in Procurement, Project Management, Process Management and Customer Service. Currently, He is The Planning and Scheduling Manager & Customer Service.

Dragan Jozelji?, P.Eng.

Quality Assurance Manager

Dragan graduated as Precision Mechanical Engineer from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1988. Worked as Quality Assurance Engineer in factory of Optical Instruments Zrak, Vares, Bosnia and Herzegovina for 5 years. Since joining GN in 1996, He held various positions in Quality Assurance to be promoted as Quality Assurance Manager in 1999.

Bob Stevens

Purchasing Manager

Bob joined GN in June 1996, having 24 years of experience with various managerial positions in Purchasing, Inventory, Administration, Logistics, Estimating and Cost Accounting. During his career at GN, Bob contributed as Tool Room Manager, Inventory Manager and Purchasing Manager. Bob’s vast experience in manufacturing has been an asset for GN’s growth.

Tomislav Baši?, P.Eng.

Engineering Manager

Tomislav held various Engineering and Management Positions. He joined GN in 1996 with experience in Fuel Delivery and Combustion Systems, Furnaces and equipment for Thermal Treatment, Boiler Heating Facilities, Steam Installations, Compressor Stations, Compressed Air Pipelines, Water Pump Recirculating Cooling Systems, Propane - Butane fuel source as Backup for Natural Gas, Energy Recovery. During his tenure at GN, he has gained experience in Design of Well Stimulation Equipment, Wireline Equipment, Design Control of Tools for the Oil and Gas industry.

Gelu Balas

HSWE Coordinator

Gelu obtained his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from a Romanian Technical University in 1991. His career was focused on operations management for transportation and automotive industries. He joined GNC in 2007 as Quality Assurance Professional and 2 years later, was promoted to coordinate company's Health, Safety and Wellness Program and became a Certified Health & Safety Auditor for Partnership in Injury Reduction (PIR) through Manufacturing Health & Safety Association (MHSA).

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